Approaches to Coaching

While every client is different, We have discovered our own patterns in working with executive women and their workplace issues.

Here are the top 10 tools, based on 334 executive advisor sessions.

As a trained Neuro-Linguistic Programmer*, I have at my fingertips a number of different NLP-based tools which allow me to work with people’s belief systems, with the way they make sense of events, and their responses to them.

My top ten approaches are:

  • Playing with the structure of the subjective experience (submodalities)
  • Finding the underlying belief and remodelling it (reimprinting)
  • Teaching the fundamentals of getting on with someone (pacing and leading)
  • Revealing the underlying personalities behind behaviour (metaprograms)
  • Understanding how people learn and how it applies (4mat)
  • Examining where the state came from and how we can do it differently (meta states)
  • Investigating values – our own, other peoples’, working with them, shifting them
  • Setting up a reliably good, resourceful response in specific situations (anchoring)
  • Taking a look at the neurological “procedure” to get to an outcome; redesigning that procedure (TOTEs)
  • Appreciating the current situation, what helps and hinders it, until next steps are clear (collapse)

This is only 10 of around 50 different approaches I have used in over 300 sessions, so why not book a session now to make your workplace issues easier to deal with?


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