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Increasing employee moral

Increasing and keeping employee moral high is very difficult for any business owner although with the right coaching this can become a simple task in your business.

High moral throughout a workforce means increase productivity and increased longevity of employees.

One of the best methods of keeping moral high is to spend time with your employees as well as creating events in which employees can spend time with co workers outside of the workplace with and without their own families.

Building relationships with yourself and employees as well as between employees makes the workplace more enjoyable and ultimately increases the productivity of the workers.

Doing so is easy but there are costs involved in hosting such events.

One way we have found to work is twice yearly marquees at the races throughout Melbourne. Races allow workers to mingle together in an atmosphere which is both fun but also respectable. We also like the races as it is during the day so most employees should be able to attend.

We have done this at the Melbourne Cup each year and it would be every employees favourite days of the year with the anticipation for the even increase even months out from the race day itself.

You can learn more about the Melbourne Cup and the packages available it Just Horse Racing’s Melbourne Cup page.

Give this idea a go and see how it affects your workforce.…

Approaches to Coaching

Approaches to Coaching

While every client is different, We have discovered our own patterns in working with executive women and their workplace issues.

Here are the top 10 tools, based on 334 executive advisor sessions.

As a trained Neuro-Linguistic Programmer*, I have at my fingertips a number of different NLP-based tools which allow me to work with people’s belief systems, with the way they make sense of events, and their responses to them.

My top ten approaches are:

  • Playing with the structure of the subjective experience (submodalities)
  • Finding the underlying belief and remodelling it (reimprinting)
  • Teaching the fundamentals of getting on with someone (pacing and leading)
  • Revealing the underlying personalities behind behaviour (metaprograms)
  • Understanding how people learn and how it applies (4mat)
  • Examining where the state came from and how we can do it differently (meta states)
  • Investigating values – our own, other peoples’, working with them, shifting them
  • Setting up a reliably good, resourceful response in specific situations (anchoring)
  • Taking a look at the neurological “procedure” to get to an outcome; redesigning that procedure (TOTEs)
  • Appreciating the current situation, what helps and hinders it, until next steps are clear (collapse)

This is only 10 of around 50 different approaches I have used in over 300 sessions, so why not book a session now to make your workplace issues easier to deal with?


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Building Wealth With Advertisng & The Right Coach

Pretty much everyone is in business to Create Wealth, some people are in business without any particular aim other than to do something, however that’s hardly having a business. Businesses are there and created to make Profit and Create Wealth, almost everyone in business has a Wealth System and I’m sure you do to. The things that people often forget as they keep working on their business are the reasons that they set the business up in the first place, the objectives they wished to fulfil by having the independence to work in the manner they saw as being most successful. So what brought you to your current position? What were the reasons and motivations for heading down the business route you have done? What is your Wealth System and how well is that Wealth System working for you?

As you work further and further along the line of creating an established business remember that the real joy of owning a business comes in the main from the results you get from it and what you do whilst working on your business. By ‘working on’ the focus is at developing and leading your business to where you wish it to head, if you are ‘working in’ your business then you are likely spending too much time on admin and other tasks that others could perform that would free your time to do what you really need to. So as you think about whether you are largely ‘working in’ or ‘working on’ your business, along with how well your Wealth System is working and your motivations for creating the business in the first place, evaluate yourself on how well you are fulfilling your potential. What are the points and areas you could hone and alter such that you could achieve a far better performance? Once you have formulated a list of things that could be improved you can start to do something about them, begin by checking out; workshops, courses, resources on the internet, finding appropriate books for the information you need, and a good Business Coach. Once you have a list of options available then evaluate each one in terms of the effect or impact it can have on you and your business, how quickly it can yield that effect, how much time you need to assign to the option and how enjoyable you would find it. The latter part may seem strange though from all my experience in Sydney Business Coaching and also the UK, plus various other roles I have had, I have always found that people get their best results when they are enjoying themselves. As such I always recommend that people do as much as possible in order to enjoy their work, it’s also the reason I do my best to ensure that in my role as a Business Coach the sessions clients have with me are as enjoyable as possible, granted things are fairly serious in places, though a great deal of growth and movement can be had if you are enjoying yourself. So evaluate your options carefully and work out what is right for you, certainly I recommend giving Business Coaching very serious thought, the benefit you can gain from working one on one with a good Business Coach can really accelerate you forward on your path to success. Your Business Coach can also help by tailoring things to your Wealth System and aiding you to tweak it so that you can achieve far more with it than you have been. During the time you work with a Business Coach the things that have held you back can be dealt with quickly and effectively, mitigating as much as possible in order to allow your free passage forward and on to the achievements you seek.

So make sure you give yourself time to sit and think, write out the improvements you would like to make then research your options it could bring you huge benefit. For those who are committed to creating success for themselves and realise the value of a good Business Coach, contact me for an initial consultation and to arrange for either Skype or face to face here in Sydney Business Coaching sessions that will improve your future.…